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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Modern UPVC door locks provide reliable protection to homes and offices. They do a lot of useful work every day, but you probably don’t notice them. When they start to malfunction, however, you must take action without delay. 

UPVC Lock Fix

UPVC Door Locks in UKThe first step of the repair process involves identifying the cause of the problem. When inserting or turning the key becomes impossible, the cylinder is most likely worn or broken and has to be replaced. If the deadbolt doesn’t move with normal key turning, it should be checked for obstruction. Often, adjusting the bolt and lubricating the locking mechanism will be sufficient for resolving the problem. If the mechanism is broken, however, it should be changed. The lock could malfunction because of a loose strike receiver. The fix involves adjusting the receiver and tightening the screws. 

UPVC Door and Frame Repair

When the deadbolt cannot extend into the strike receiver properly, the door and frame could be misaligned. This usually happens when there is a problem with the hinges. In order to find out if they are loose, bent, worn or broken – they need to be inspected. Loose hinges need tightening while bent ones have to be straightened. In case of great wearing and damage, they should be replaced. Proper door alignment is essential. If the door and frame have scratches, cracks, splits or chips, they should be repaired with special techniques. Timely repair will prevent further damage. 

Lock Installation 

You should get a new lock installed if you have moved into a new house or office. Similarly, if your current device is outdated, you will need a new one. It is best if a new cylinder is installed along with a new locking mechanism, handle and strike receiver. While double cylinders offer a higher level of security, the key must be at hand for unlocking the door from the inside in case of an emergency. 

Trouble with the UPVC lock or door? Let us eliminate the problem professionally in the shortest time. At Locksmith Mill Hill, we repair locks and doors and replace worn and broken components. For using our services, call us or send us a message.

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